“SciANTs Fair”
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date

July 1, 2011


Jeff Hodsden & Tim Pollock


Phill Lewis

Episode Guide

"The PhANTom Locker"


StudANT Council"

SciANTs Fair is the fourth episode of season one of A.N.T. Farm. It aired July 1, 2011 as a part of Disney Channel's Friday Night.


Chyna stays up all night watching a show instead of studying for a test, but gets a good grade anyway. Feeling that something fishy is going on, she gets help from Olive to prove that the school is treating the ANTs differently. Meanwhile, Cameron and Lexi find Skidmore's phone in the trash and decide to keep it so they can get a reward.

Episode SummaryEdit

Chyna forgets to study for her science test due to her staying up all night to watch her favorite show, High Heels High. File:Chyna10.JPGChyna in "High Heels High".After taking the test and still getting an A she suspects the teachers are giving the ANTs grades they don't deserve, so that they will be able to compete to win trophies for Webster High School. When this happens, she tries to convince Olive to blow their science fair to expose the conspiracy. At the science fair, Chyna and Olive end up crashing their project into Fletcher's, resulting in them getting an F. They then find out that the ANTs really don't get special treatment. It turns out their teacher gave everyone an A on the test because he was too tired to actually grade them. Meanwhile, Susan Skidmore loses her phone and Cameron and Lexi find it. They decide to keep it so they can send teachers home for the day. Darryl gets on the case and believes Principal Skidmoe stole her own cell phone to get a new phone, because she had the replacement plan. He believes that she still has her phone, but when he calls it, Cameron picks up. Lexi, who was also standing with Cameron nearby, blames Cameron for stealing Skidmore's phone. But Skidmore shows her pictures of Lexi and Lexi yells at Cameron, who had taken them to "remember their time together".

Memorable QuotesEdit

Chyna: Yesterday was wear the same clothes they you're gonna wear tomorrow day.

Darryl: See that's the best thing I like about my job; same outfit everyday. I never even wash this thing.

Lexi: Did you find my sunglasses yet?

Cameron: (Cameron pops out of the garbage can) No and I really wish it wasn't frog dissection day. Lexi: (Lexi looks in her backpack) Oh, look, here are my sunglasses.

Lexi: You dropped your phone.

Cameron: That's not my phone. Mine has rhinestones on it. Lexi: What? Cameron: I mean... rhinestones made of diamonds. Lexi: It's Principal Skimore's phone. Cameron: She probably dropped it when she was throwing something away... probably these gnarly toenail clippings.

Chyna: (Chyna bumps into the class skeleton) Excuse me, sir.

Fletcher: Actually Bonita's a female. Chyna:Not now Fletcher.

Chyna: I intend to blow the lid off this whole thing.

Fletcher: No! Why would you want to blow the lid off anything? The world needs lids. Without lids, things would be boiling over and splattering. And how would you make rice? Chyna: In the microwave. Fletcher: Well you can but it's not as moist.



  • In this episode it is revealed that Olive can speak Japanese.
  • When Chyna and Olive's helium balloon crashed into Fletcher's project, Olive screamed Oh, the humanity! This is what a person cried out when the German Balloon, the Hindenburg, exploded.
  • This episode attracted 2.8 million viewers, which is currently the series' lowest audience to date. However, it beat the nearest competitor (Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures) by 1.3 million viewers.


  • When the zeppelin crashed Fletcher's project, it exploded. However, if the zeppelin contain only helium (mentioned by Chyna), it wouldn't exploded.